A campaign for Panasonic which asks the question of whether DSLR’s are still needed in response to the dawn of modern mirrorless options.

Animated logo

The Task

Panasonic’s latest mirrorless camera was about to be released and they wanted an innovative way to get people talking about their new product.

It was going to be my job to come up with the art direction and campaign visuals that would accompany the creative solution.

Responsive app design

The Solution

I designed a simple but familiar interface that users would instantly know how to interact with. The search bar made up the whole header and directed users to search for DSLR related searches which would simultaneously display suggested results. The page would then throw back a stream of results which had been collated from around the web on the subject. The website would then let people engage in conversation about their own personal views on the subject.

There was a late minute name change to contend with but I think the new name helped to create a more conversational feel.

Logo concepts