One Minute Beanz


A responsive HTML5 game for Facebook fans of Heinz Beanz.

Beanz character

The Task

Heinz wanted to draw attention to their new Beanz product, the 1 minute beanz pot. It needed to be fun and shareable but also get across the message that people could get hot beanz with their lunch in just a minute with the new Snap Pots product.

Intro screen

The Solution

To engage with their most active audience which was on their Facebook page we created an HTML5 game which I did all of the illustrations and game plans for. To keep it relevant we used the Heinz Beanie character and brought him to life in the popular “Doodle Jump” game mechanic.

There were 5 levels that would obviously last for 1 minute and then the player would reach the end host food. They could collect points on the way and would need to avoid the hazards to get to the end.

Facebook app design
Game graphics