Hello and welcome

My name's Jacob, a designer living in London. I have recently started freelancing after 3 years at We Are Social as a Senior Designer. I’m always up for a new challenge and like to think I’m full of innovative ideas that can bring a different perspective to even the most seemingly uninspiring brief.

Before I started working as a designer/coder/thinker/whateverer I went to Bournemouth University where I studied Interactive Media Production. This gave me the ability to start thinking outside of the box but also how to make sure you create something usable instead of just randomly pretty. Function over form, I think they call it. There has to be a place for pretty things of course though and I always aim for a well thought out amalgamation of the two.

I once got a piece of advice from an Art Director who looked over my shoulder at something I was working on and said, "You need to make it interesting". I guess that's now my philosophy when going into any new project.

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