Hello and welcome

My name’s Jacob and I’m a Senior Designer with 10 years of professional experience. I’ve spent most of my career working in London but have recently moved to Nürnberg, Germany, with my girlfriend for our next adventure.

I studied Interactive Media Production at Bournemouth University which started me out on the path I’m on today. I love all aspects of design and the challenge of answering a new brief with creative thought and practical theory. Being able to deliver a project that answers the clients needs in a way they never could have imaged is what makes this industry so exciting for me.

I’ve worked on some awesome projects over the years with some incredibly talented people whilst picking up a variety of skills along the way. The Premier League project was definitely a highlight for me as I remember playing Fantasy Football as a schoolboy in the playground against my friends. Before I know it I’m getting to redesign it for the new generation of school kids to play today. Crazy.

I didn’t always know I was going to be a designer though. I once thought I was going to be a rock-star for a living and got to travel the county with a punk band called The Blowups. Along the way I saw a whole load of the county I’d never seen before and have a few stories that will stay with me forever. The closest I ever got to making any money out of it though was when I did a small amount of TV work with a Mr Vinnie Jones when he released his one and only album, Respect. So without further ado, for your viewing pleasure, I present you with the pinicle of my rock-star career (look out for the bass player with the unique dance moves).